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29 April, 2017 Secret - Covent Garden

Headline SECRET Gig – Central London



  • Summer

    After my first long & cold winter in Europe I am ready for the ice to thaw (This is a complete exaggeration) and for the smiles to return to the face on the underground.   I’ve actually had some of my favorite shows and I’ve written a whole bunch of new songs as a result […]

  • Christmas Blog

    Christmas Blog: Hi everyone! I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas from Sweden. I also wanted to thank you for sharing my European journey with me. I have received an abundance of emails, letters & presents from supporters this year and I have really appreciated it. My first ever gig in London […]

  • Epiphany

    The last month has seen some big steps in the right direction. I’ve secured some big gigs (Underbelly’s, Ronnie Scotts TV NIGHTS, Bedford, Caffe Nero Showcase, Aloft EXCEL), shared my music with thousands of Londoners, booked flights for Christmas in Sweden and I even went on a writing trip to Malta. Well… at least that […]

  • London Update.

    I know it’s been a long time between chats but I’ve been so absorbed in my new life over here – your 20’s are indeed the most selfish days of your life. I’ve been working out how to survive and how to get my music through the cracks in what feels like the most competitive […]

  • London Calling

    Buying that one way ticket to London has so far been the most adventurous experience of my life. In one short month I’ve experienced both trepidation and elation and I’ve been offered some incredible insights and experiences that I’ll surely remember forever. I arrived on Tuesday the 2nd of June at around lunch time running on pure adrenalin. […]